The Devon and Cornwalls are a dual purpose sheep suitable for all systems of farming.  They are equally as happy in a flock of 2 or 3 as they are in a large flock.  They are a docile sheep, it is quiet, and easy to catch when needed.  It is a contented sheep and is a pleasure to tend.  This hardy sheep is home not only in Devon & Cornwall but in other counties of the British Isles and also abroad.

As well as producing a lean flavoursome meat, the Devon & Cornwall Longwools also produce more wool per sheep than any other British Breed.   Mixed with other fleeces this can be easily hand spun. 

The breed is also a rare breed and is registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.  It is currently on their Watchlist as vulnerable.

As well as the pleasure of owning some of these desirable sheep, you can also be part of a friendly group here at the Devon & Cornwall Longwool Flock Association. We are a friendly bunch and meet throughout the year not only at shows but also for social events. You can join by contacting us via email, or by telephoning our secretary Mr Melvyn Britton on 01884 266201.